Content Marketing

Web Insights specializes in writing and promoting content for B2B, also called content marketing. We understand the typical concerns that your business, products and services aren’t as “exciting” as some flashy consumer brands. But we disagree. We work with B2B brands to find your compelling story and the audiences that are interested in reading your content. We also brainstorm amplification avenues such as social media, article distribution, infographics, guest blogging and more so your content reaches new customers.

How does my company stay prominent in the marketplace?

One word: Content. The more quality content on your B2B website, the more prominent your company will be on search engines. The more content on social media platforms, the more likely your company will be viewed as a thought leader. The more content used for white papers and guides, the more effective your company will be in nurturing a lead to a closed sale. Really when it comes to branding, B2B content marketing is everything.

The Secret to B2B Content Marketing? Giving away 25% of your expertise for free.

Gone are the days of purely advertising your B2B company. To generate digital marketing leads, your firm needs to promote your company’s expert content. B2B website visitors don’t want to hear how great your company is, they want to read content relevant to their specific business issue. By promoting and advertising your solutions through useful content, the more likely a prospect will understand your firm’s value and turn into a lead. Good, educational content helps increase inbound marketing leads. As a leading B2B content marketing company, Web Insights creates content and publishes on the appropriate marketing channels to generate ideal inbound marketing leads for your company.

Website As A Resource Center

With any B2B content marketing plan, the website is continuously updated with new content. It is important that the content marketing partner you select created your website. With clients, we move from B2B website design to content marketing, ensuring seamless creation and integration of blog postings, infographics, white papers, etc. Content output and marketing will transform your website into a living, breathing resource center for prospective and current clients.

Original Content

There are many firms posing as content marketing agencies but essentially they use the same content for many companies—how does that help differentiate your company and serve as a B2B branding tool? When working with Web Insights on an inbound marketing plan, original content is created and marketed only for your firm. In fact, Web Insights only serves as the B2B content marketing agency of record for one firm in each industry, specialty area, region or target market.

Quality content that resonates with your target market

At Web Insights , we create original, compelling thought leadership content that serves your prospective clients’ needs. But that’s just the first step. We take careful consideration into amplifying your company’s content through a tailored mix that’s right for your audience. Whether it’s through your blog, email newsletter, blog exchanges, podcasts, article directories, wire distributions, social media and more—your content is there when a potential client needs it.

Content marketing encapsulates so many marketing tactics. To take on the tactic effectively, Web Insights builds long-term B2B digital marketing strategies that implement a mixture of blogging, social media, infographics, SEO and more.